1.     Create a Constituent Query with the following criteria:
         Select: Relationships > Organizations > Choose: Specific Organization Record, Choose the Operator: not blank
         Select: Relationships > Organizations > Choose: Relation Code, Choose the Operator: <ask>
         Select: Relationships > Organizations > Choose: To Date (Optional step to specify dates)

2.     Select the following output
         Select: Constituent Information > Choose: Name
         Select: Query Fields > Choose: Relation Code
         Select: Relationships > Organizations > Choose: Organization Name

3.     Run and save the query as dynamic. It will prompt you to choose a Relationship Code. As a dynamic query it will prompt you each time the Mailing is run.
         Select the Operator: equals
         Select the Value > Choose a specific Relationship Code

4.     Create new Labels.
         Create for: Constituents
         Click: Include > Selected Records > Choose your dynamic constituent query.

5.     On the Fields to include tab:
         Select: Constituent Information > Addressee > Choose: From individual
         Select: Constituent Information > Relation > Field Options> Choose a specific Relationship Type
         Select: Address Fields > Choose: Address Block

6.     Click Preview. It will prompt you to specify relationship type.
         Select: Equals > Choose your specific Relationship Type.
         Be sure this matches the Relationship Type specified on the Fields to include tab.