Design News Reader

For information about how to create or edit a part, as well as the tabs on the Edit Part screen, see Create and Edit Parts.

 1.From the Design tab, in the Source field, enter the website address that contains the XML content to display on your website. Typically, sites that share content display orange XML icons that are hyperlinks to their website feeds.
 2.In the Link target field, enter where to open the linked page. For example, to open the link in a new window, enter “_blank.”
 3.In the Number of articles to display field, enter how many articles to display. To display all recent articles, leave the default “0” in the field.
 4.To display articles on multiple pages, select Display [ ] articles per page and enter the number of articles per page.
 5.To display article titles only, select Display headlines but not articles. Users can click links to access articles.
 6.To display any graphics associated with the website feed, select Display graphics associated with the feed.
 7.To display dates for the articles, select Display dates for postings if available.
 8.Under Authentication options, enter the authentication information for a website that requires authentication to access its XML content.
 a.In the Type field, select the authentication type that the news feed provider requires.

Note: Basic authentication does not encrypt the user name and password and sends the credentials over the network in plaintext. Digest authentication encrypts the user name and password and does not send them over the network in plaintext.

 b.In the User name and Password fields, enter your authentication information. To display XML content that requires authentication, you must have a user name and password with the news feed provider.
 9.Click Save. You return to Parts.