Project, Grant, and Endowment Management is designed to record details of subsidiary funds.  
For example:

  • Streamline The Chart of Accounts: Assign one or more projects to one General Ledger transaction, to reduce the number of General Ledger accounts in the chart of accounts. For example, if there are four different revenue accounts in the chart for income received from four different sources, consider grouping the revenue accounts into one account and tracking the transactions by project. One could still create reports detailing each of the four transaction areas, and use one ledger account to accomplish this in Journal Entry. When entering transactions, simply attach the correct project to the transaction and the program tracks the information.

  • Allocation Management: With this optional module, you can track groups of investment accounts individually by project. Also able to calculate interest and fees and post the journal entries from the calculations. When using this module, the fund must be configured to require projects on all balance sheet transactions.

  • Reporting: The Reports module has many pre-formatted project reports used for tracking. Also, income statements, balance sheets, and trial balance reports allow generation by project. Any reports concerning balance sheet accounts become more meaningful when all General Ledger transactions are assigned projects.

  • Budgeting: You can create a project budget for the project alone or linked to accounts. With the optional module Budget Management any changes made in the PGEM budgets are automatically updated in General Ledger accounts.

For more information refer to the Projects section of The Financial Edge Records Guide (PDF) or contact your account manager.