When updating addresses with AddressFinder, the Do not abbreviate address elements checkbox refers to street suffix only. Examples are Avenue = AVE, Bend = BND, Cape = CPE.  AddressFinder will always abbreviate other address elements listed above.

If your organization currently uses AddressAccelerator, you may use AddressAccelerator through the Data Health Center to spell out other address elements after they have been abbreviated by AddressFinder:

1.  In Config > Business Rules > Address Abbreviation Options
2.  Select Do not abbreviate any address elements
Note: In this case, since AddressAccelerator handles abbreviations differentlythan AddressFinder does, the term "address elements" does include all of the following: suffix (Street or Boulevard), directional indicators (North or South), unit designation (Apartment or Suite), rural route, highway contract route, and post office box.  This means that all of the address elements will be spelled out entirely, with no option to abbreviate specific elements.
3.  In the Data Health Center, run AddressAccelerator on all of your addresses that you would like to spell out in long form.