1. Update The Raiser's Edge on the database server.
  2. Locate The Raiser's Edge deploy kit.
  3. Determine the RE7Service web server.
  4. Ensure that you are logged into the RE7Service web server with a Windows account that has local administrator rights.
  5. Copy the deploy folder locally to the RE7Service web server. If a copy of the deploy folder currently exists, replace it with the newer version.
  6. Open the deploy folder and double-click setup.exe to launch the installation.
  7. After installation is complete, check the version number of The Raiser's Edge application on the RE7Service web server. Compare this number with the version of the database server and ensure they match exactly.
  8. Run the testconfig page for Blackbaud NetCommunity to ensure that all web services connect successfully.
If NetCommunity is on version 7.0 and below, review [netcommunityURL]/testconfig.aspx.
If NetCommunity is on version 7.1 and above, refer to Access is denied warning when trying to view testconfig.aspx