In Raiser's Edge, complete the following steps:
  • Navigate to "Reports" in the left hand nav
  • Choose "Profiles, Lists, and Directories"
  • Double-click  "Target Analytics Scores List"
  • Enter the appropriate parameters on these tabs  
    •  On the General Tab:
      • Include all records, a selected query or one record. The available query types are Constituent and Individual
      • Select whether a date range should be used or not
      • When appropriate choose to include or exclude Inactive, Deceased, and No Valid Address constituent
      • Select whether or not to create an output query (This will create a query of everyone that shows in the report)
      • Click "Next"
    • On the Filters tab:
      • Click on the appropriate Filter option to filter out certain Constituent Codes, Class Years, or Age Groups.
      • Click "Next"
    • On the Scores tab:
      • Choose which scores to show in the report
      • Options on the right side allows a certain range of scores to be shown and also the order can be decided. The column header can be changed as well.
      • Note: This list will filter out anyone who does not have the score(s) chosen for display. If more than one score is selected here the constituent must have each score for their name and information to display on the report.
    • On the Ind. Address tab:
    • On the Format Tab:
      • This tab allows one to add a header, footer, show maiden name, change addresses that shows, change colors, etc.  
    • Click Preview or Print to process the report.
Once you have designed the report, you may then export it to a CSV file as necessary

NOTE: This report is not available in the Canadian version of The Raiser's Edge.