1. Create a General Ledger Account query in the database that contains the account numbers that need to be copied to another database
2. Do not enter any criteria on the Criteria tab
3. Select the Output tab
4. Expand Account and double-click Account and Account description to select them
5. Select the Results tab to run the query and view the results
6. Click Export to Excel export the results to a spreadsheet
7. Save the file as a '.CSV' file
8. In the second database, click 'General Ledger'
9. Select 'Administration' and click 'Import Records'
10. Expand 'Accounts' and double click 'Account' to start the account import
11. On the 'General' tab, select 'Import new records', map to the .CSV file with the account numbers, and select to use 'Account Number'
12. Click 'Fields' tab and match up the appropriate fields
13. Click 'Import Now'