You can configure the role refresh settings of the NetCommunity Windows Service for enhanced performance. When you configure standard role refresh, the program caches the information rather than load it by a SQL call on every login.

How to set Role Refresh:

  1. Log into the NetCommunity website with supervisor rights.
  2. Click Administration button.
  3. Click Sites and Settings.
  4. Click the Schedules tab.
  5. In the Role Refresh section, you can schedule the Role Refresh interval. In the Frequency field, enter the interval to lapse between role refresh processes. To not use the NetCommunity Windows Service to automatically refresh roles, select Never. To set an interval to lapse before the NetCommunity Windows Service refreshes roles, select Every [X] hours and enter the interval. To schedule the NetCommunity Windows Service to refresh roles once daily, select Daily and enter the time of day to run the process.
  6. Click the save button at the top of the page. The save button is directly above the General tab.  

Note: When you set an interval to lapse before the NetCommunity Windows Service refreshes roles, the interval begins once the previous process run ends. For example, if you set an interval of every 3 hours and the process itself takes 30 minutes, the process runs 3 and a half hours after the start of the previous run.

Note: By default, Blackbaud NetCommunity refreshes member roles once every 24 hours after a member's last login (assuming the Role Refresh Utility is not installed). For example, once 24 hours passes since a member's last login, upon the member's next login, the role is refreshed. If the member has not been accepted in the NetCommunity plug-in since the last login, there is no role to refresh for the user. Once the member is in The Raiser's Edge, the role refreshes upon the next login and the 24 hour interval is set to that date and time.