When a user login part is placed on a page, this login page has two states. The two states are log in page and log out page. When creating links to login/logout we will need to choose the correct state of the login page. For example: If the link is set to go to the login page, the link will appear when users should login.
  1. Create a User Login part and insert it on a page, or confirm you have a login page.
  2. Create your link where applicable, either in a Menu part or a Formatted Text and Images part.
  3. In the link wizard click the binoculars under Create link to Blackbaud NetCommunity page.
  4. Search for the page
  5. Note there are three versions of the page [page name], [page name] - Log Out, and [page name] - Registration Request.
    • [page name] - Links to the login page. This should be used for a Login link.
    • [page name] - Log Out links to the logout page. This should be used for a Logout link.
    • [page name] - Registration Request links to the new user registration. This should be used for New User Registration link.
  6. Select the appropriate page
  7. Click OK 
  8. Click Save