Please contact your web server administrator for assistance before making changes in Internet Information Services.
On the NetClassroom server, verify the Class Documents virtual directory reflects the correct path to the shared downloadable documents folder. Ex. (\\FAWebServer\Downloadable Documents):
1. Browse to the web.config file, by default this should be in C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\NC7
2 Please create a backup copy of your web.config file before making changes.
3. Right-click and open the file with Notepad.
4. Go to Edit, Find, search for <add key="ClassDocumentsVdir".
5. Edit this line in the web.config file to reflect the website address where FAWeb 7 resides. See Knowledgebase Solution 47062 for a more detailed explanation on how this should look.

<add key="ClassDocumentsVdir" value="" />

Example: value="" />

7. File, Save, and close the Web.config notepad file.
8. Restart IIS Admin Service after making necessary changes.