This is a subjective decision by your organization. 

Teachers must indicate that the marking column grades, comments, and skill ratings are ready for posting for posting to occur. If the grades, comments, and skill ratings are not ready for posting, the class is considered an exception in the posting process.

The program does not change the posting status for classes that are exceptions. If you do not mark Change posting status to, grade information posts and exceptions are determined, but the status is not changed from Ready. For example, you can leave Change posting status to unmarked while you run multiple postings for the same marking column.

If you are changing the posting status to Not Ready, you also determine whether this affects classes that already have a status of Posted. To also change the posting status on classes that are already posted, mark Include posted classes when changing the posting status.

You can post marking column grade, comments, and skill ratings to the same marking column in Registrar's Office, or set up a method to post grades to an interim marking column you create in Registrar's Office to use for progress reports. Review How to track interim grades.

For more information, refer to the Administration Guide for Faculty Access for the Web.