With the release of version 7.87, we are improving our ability to meet your organization’s tax reporting needs by partnering with industry expert Aatrix. The Aatrix integration combines your data with their content to populate the integrated reports in compliance with state and federal tax agency regulations. The 1099-MISC eFiling solution provides a range of choices from a complete full service eFiling option to a partial eFiling of just the federal forms, state forms or both.

While we recommend using the complete eFiling option as a best practice, you could skip the eFiling option altogether and print to paper tax forms. Please be aware, there are costs associated with eFiling. Also the new option to eFile 1099-MISC forms impacts your decision whether to purchase paper tax forms.

When using Aatrix, each quarter you must run a mandatory update that loads new forms or changes to existing reports. 

Note: Before you can print or eFile tax reports, you may be required to update Aatrix forms. 

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