Note: In Raiser's Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT, some of the following fields are managed in the Database View.

The Raiser's Edge/ Raiser's Edge NXT:
  • Batch instruction account number
  • Batch prenote account number
  • Counterpoint integration password
  • BBPS credentials username
  • BBPS credentials password
  • BBPS credentials security token
  • RE User password
  • RE User database user password
  • RE User Counterpoint integration password
  • SMS Client password
  • SMTP server password
  • Financial institution account number
  • Financial institution account number raw
  • Financial institution 2 account number
  • Financial institution 2 account number raw
  • Relationship account number
  • Gift insurance policy number
  • Constituent social security number
  • (Note: Credit card numbers are tokenized, which is a form of encryption.)
The Financial Edge/ Financial Edge NXT:
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Vendor tax ID numbers (TIN)
  • Bank Account Number
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • User Passwords
  • FAWeb Passwords