Confirm that the Constituent Name is entered on the gift.

If this is a gift on behalf of an organization, confirm the Organization Name is Linked

In the linking window, check for Organization Name.  If the donor marked that the gift was on behalf of an Organization and they entered an Organization that is not a Constituent in The Raiser's Edge or they did not enter an Organization name, then the gift cannot be processed out of the plugin until it is linked to an Organization record within The Raiser's Edge.  This will make the donor a relationship on the Organization record.

**NOTE: If there is no name for the Organization, link the record to any Organization record to process it out of the plugin.  Once the gift is in a Gift batch, click the binoculars to locate the donor's Constituent record.  Then validate and commit the batch as normal.  Navigate to the Organization record that was used to link the record and delete the invalid relationship.