Try each of the following steps until the issue is resolved:
  1. Ensure each record has an email address and the phone type is marked with a Phone Number Type of Email Address in Configuration.
  2. Ensure the email address is valid.
  3. Ensure the email address is on the preferred address. If you need to use a different email address, refer to How to determine which email address is used when globally sending emails (BB4364).
  4. In Records, open the appropriate constituent record and unmark the Requests no email checkbox on the Bio 1 tab.
  5. Follow good mailing practices so that it is not viewed as spam.
  6. If some constituents have received the email, check with the ones that did not to ensure that they are not having problems with their email.
  7. If using a query, view the query results to ensure records are present.
  8. Have the network administrator configure Outlook to use the correct mail server and send the email again.
  9. If using NetMail, open the export used for the mailing. Verify that Head of Household processing is set appropriately. If you want to email both spouses, select the 'Export both constituents separately' option.
  10. If using NetMail, recreate the query or export used for the mailing.
  11. If the user has erroneously opted out of NetMail, see Unable to allow a user to cancel, remove, reverse or undo a NetMail opt-out to receive future emails after selecting 'Remove Me From This Mailing List'