Note: If you are on version 7.8x, then refer to BB219260.

    • Once the export file is sent to Blackbaud, do not update The Raiser's Edge database to a later version. The import file created during the AddressFinder screening may not be compatible with the later version, which would cause the update to fail.
    • Do not delete or manually update the addresses of the records you sent to Blackbaud.

    For The Raiser's Edge versions 7.50 - 7.71:

      • In Administration, click Data Enrichment Services
      • Highlight NCOA On-Demand and click Create Export File. The Create Export File screen appears.
      • Select the appropriate options on each tab:
        • General tab:
          1. If using a query, click Include, Selected Records to select and open the query of constituents whose addresses should be included in the export file. Note: A query is not always needed. Refer to BB292287 for more information.
          • In the Addresses to Certify frame, click Include, Selected Addresses to specify which of the constituents' addresses to update. Click OK when finished. For additional information and recommendations, refer to BB323444.
          • Mark Create control report to print a report listing the criteria selected for the export and all constituents included in the export:
            • Select Preview to export the report and save it on your machine
            • Selecting Print automatically sends the completed report to the printer

            • Mark the option to Sort report alphabetically to sort the Control Report alphabetically
            • Mark Create exception query to generate an exception file at the end of the export. The file contains all fields the program did not successfully export.
            • Mark Send file for address updates to automatically send the file to Blackbaud via FTP
            • Enter a file location in the Export file to field. This should be a .txt file. This options saves a copy of the export file to the location of your choice.
            • Summary tab: The Summary tab displays the criteria selected for the export file. Review this to confirm that the export is set up correctly.

            • Click Create File Now to create the file and to send a copy to Blackbaud
            • Once the file has been created, you are prompted to automatically send the file to Blackbaud. Click Yes to send the file to Blackbaud..
            • Send an email to after you receive the confirmation message to let us know that the file has been submitted
            • After sending the file, allow two or three days for processing. An AddressFinder data specialist will email you once the file is ready for pickup from FTP.