Add a new relationship type on the student record for one of the parents and also include the relationship type in the integration setup. For example, if they are both marked as Mother, add a new relationship type such as Mother-2

    • In Records, click Students, and open the student's record.

    • Select the Relationships tab.

    • Change the relationship type for one of the parents to a new relationship type, for example Mother-2.

    • Save and close the record.

    • In Integration, click Setup Integration with The Raiser's Edge.

    • Select Student Relationships.

    • In the 'Personal relations that meet the following criteria will be added as Raiser's Edge constituents:' grid, select the new relationship type Mother-2.

    • Mark the checkbox, 'If the spouse of a relation also meets this criteria, do not add the spouse as a constituent'.

    • In the Constituent Code grid, move the order of the relationship types by clicking the up and down arrows. For example, if Mothers are to be added as constituent before Mother-2, than Mother should proceed Mother-2.