With WealthPoint Basic for the RE: Search module, two import files will be returned for The Raiser's Edge. One file contains Financial Information, and will be imported onto the Prospect tab in the Financial Information screen.  For instructions on importing this file, refer to steps 6-13 of How to import Financial Information onto the Prospect tab

What does each column stand for?
    • Information Type - The category the Wealth Information falls under (Real Estate, Securities, Private Company Valuation, etc.)
    • Amount - Estimated value of the WealthPoint match
    • Notes - Any extra information or indicator codes associated with the match
    • Information Source - This will be Blackbaud Analytics - WP for every match

    The second import file contains information regarding to Gifts to Other Organizations. This data will appear on the Prospect tab under the Gifts to Other Organizations section. To import this information, refer to How to import gifts to other organizations onto the Prospect tab

    What does each column stand for?
      • Organization Name - Name of the of the organization that received the gift
      • Organization Type - Category the Non-Profit falls under (Arts and Culture, Healthcare, Environment, etc)
      • Amount - Amount of Gift
      • Date Given - Specific date or year the gift was given
      • Reason - What database the gift came from
      • Comments - Match Code for the Gift 

      I don't have the Prospect Tab. What will my data look like?