• Compose your email in an editor to have it look the way you would like, making sure to use standard HTML coding language and save the file with the extension .html.

      Important Note: When adding media in an html file to be used in NetMail, be sure that it has not been added as an attachment. NetMail does not support attachments through the support HTML upload feature. If you would like to add an image or media, it will need to be web hosted and its web hosted location would need to be referenced in the html.

    1. In NetSolutions, open NetMail and click New email.
    2. Select File, Load from File from the menu bar.
    3. Select the .html file and click Open to load the HTML document into the NetMail message.
    4. When the NetMail message is ready to send, select File, Submit.
    5. On the Submit Email screen, ensure the Send as text only checkbox is not marked.
    6. Click Submit.

    To have an HTML newsletter designed for your organization, contact your account representative.