1. Exit and sign out completely from the Blackbaud application (the Login Manager - stoplight icon - must not be running in the system tray)
  2. From the affected workstation, browse to the Blackbaud application's Deploy folder on the network
  3. Within the Deploy folder for Blackbaud application, browse to this location: \ISSetupPrerequisites\Crystal Report XI Runtime Components folder
  4. Right-click the Crystal Report 11.msi file. Select the Install option* when prompted (this will be installed on the workstation)
  5. Log back into the Blackbaud application and preview the Custom Report
Note: *If prompted with a Repair and Uninstall option, please select and execute the Uninstall option first then repeat step #4.
If the above steps fail to resolve the issue, please check the following:
  1. If the Crystal Report was converted from version 8.5 to version XI, review this Knowledgebase article: How to convert Crystal reports from version 8.5 to version XI
  2. Check the file permissions on the folder where the export and report currently resides. Ensure that the user has Read, Write and Modify rights.