1. What is the difference between number of connection(s) and the number using Lockmanager in the gray status bar?
The number of Connections is the connections to SQL Server Database. And the number using Lockmanager is the number of connections using The Raiser's Edge.

2. Shouldn't those two numbers always match?
They may not match exactly because the numbers represent different connections as described in question #1. This plug-in grabs a snapshot of connections at a certain time point. So as your users log in and log out of The Raiser's Edge, the numbers may differ depending on who is logging in, who is logged in already, and who is logging out.

3. When you get the message that all your licenses are used, and there is a button to click on to view connected users, is this launching the same Database Connection Viewer plug-in as in The Raiser's Edge or is it a different program?
It is the same plug-in. Using it does not take another user's seat should you be seeing this error message.

4. How can you tell how many users and which users are logged into The Raiser's Edge?
The number of unduplicated user names listed in the RE Username column. If a user name is duplicated, that one user is in one session and has one seat but just has several connections.

5. How can I disconnect a user from The Raiser's Edge?
If your Raiser's Edge is locally hosted, then disconnect the user on the server in the Blackbaud Management Console.

If Blackbaud hosts your Raiser's Edge, work with the affected user to manually log off a frozen or unresponsive session in the hosted environment. If that user is not available, please click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please have available the following information available for the analyst: 
  • the Hosting user name of the affected user
  • the Raiser's Edge user name of the affected user