Deleted gifts are displaying on fundraiser pages.

Gifts deleted from The Raiser's Edge continue to display on the fundraiser.

Gifts were deleted from The Raiser's Edge after being processed from the plug-in, but prior to a Fundraiser Synchronization running. When this happens, the link between The Raiser's Edge gift and Blackbaud NetCommunity Team Fundraising Solicitor pages is never created.  Since this link is never created, changes made to the record will not synchronize to the website. For the exact steps to delete an onling gift please refer to How to delete an Online gift from a Fundraiser.

Steps to Resolve this issue:

  1. If you have re-applied the gift back on the constituent record – delete the gift.
  2. Access the batch that has the original gift.
  3. Change the gift batch to recurring so you can re-commit the gift. 
  4. Synch the Fundraiser in Blackbaud NetCommunity.
  5. In The Raiser's Edge delete the gift from the constituent record.
  6. Synch the Fundraiser in Blackbaud NetCommunity again.


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