1. The automatic application Business Rules are set to either "Never" or "Defined on each Record". Change the automatic application business rules to apply credits automatically. 
    1. Select Configuration.
    2. Click on Business Rules.
    3. Highlight Automatic Application.
    4. Change the Automatically apply new credits field to Always.
  2. The user who is adding the credits does not have the necessary user rights to edit applications.
    1. In Administration, select Set up system security.
    2. Highlight the user who cannot apply credits automatically and double-click on the group that the user is assigned.
    3. Within this group, highlight Student Billing under System Components.
    4. Under Student Billing Privileges, highlight Records and select the Options button above Student Billing Privileges.
    5. Mark the checkbox next to Application and make sure the Edit Application checkbox is also marked.
    6. Select OK, then Save and close the group.
    7. If user is signed in when this change is made, have the user Exit and sign out, then sign back in to complete the process.