Error: DB:1(); RE/EE Integration is enabled - when viewing testconfig page.

Fail for  RE7WS EE Integration
RE7 WS EE Integration shows as "DB:1(); RE/EE Integration is enabled."

If NetCommunity is on version 7.0 and below, review [netcommunityURL]/testconfig.aspx.
If NetCommunity is on version 7.1 and above, refer to Access is denied warning when trying to view testconfig.aspx
Try each of the following in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Log into The Education Edge from The Raiser's Edge WebServices server. Troubleshoot any connectivity issues logging into The Education Edge.
  2. Log into BBNC, click Administration, click Sites, click Settings, click Education Settings - verify Database Number - make sure it matches the database number in ODBC Data Sources (for example in ODBC Data Sources the DSN is AFNINI_1 then Database Number is 1). 
  3. Repair the Education Edge workstation components on The Raiser's Edge WebServices server.


 6.41.537, patch 25

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