Users in Admissions Office will see Applicant queries and not Student queries. Users in Registrar's Office will only see Student queries, not Applicant queries.
To view the missing queries, switch to the other module.


Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    • Ensure the query is marked for others to be able to execute it.
    • If searching for a query:
      1. On the navigation bar, click Query.
      2. Click Find Now on the search screen once you enter or select the appropriate criteria.
      3. Unmark the Show merged queries only checkbox.
      4. Unmark the Exact match only checkbox.
      5. Select the appropriate query type in the Query Type drop-down.
      6. Select the appropriate query format in the Query Format drop-down or leave it blank.
      7. Ensure the query name is entered correctly, or enter the first few letters of the name.
      8. Leave the Query Description field blank.
      9. Update the Created On field:
        • If you are getting too many results on the search screen and you need to find a query created today, place the cursor in the Created On field, press F3, and click Find Now. Only the queries created today show in the search results.
        • If there are not enough queries in the search results, remove the value from the Created On field.

        • Leave the Created by field blank.
        • Ensure the query is the correct type for the function you are performing. For example, Student export uses only student queries. In addition, when merging queries, the queries must be of the same type. If the primary query is a student query, only student queries display for the secondary query.

        • If viewing the query list on the Query page:
          1. In the Type drop-down select All Types, and in the Format drop-down select All Formats.
          2. At the bottom of the Query page, unmark the Only show my queries checkbox.
          3. Select View, Refresh Query List.