Please refer to the help information that Google provides for more details on how to verify your site's ownership:

The four verification methods are: 
1. Add a meta tag to your home page - This is the easiest method for verifying site ownership. For more information, please reference Google's documentation here:
2. Verify with your domain name provider by adding a new DNS record - You can add a DNS TXT or CNAME record to verify site ownership. This process is explained in more detail here:

3. Upload an HTML file to your server - If you are hosted and prefer to use this method, Click Chat with Support,reference this article, and provide the analyst with your HTML verification file. This method is not recommended because the file may be removed during patching or upgrading. 

4. Add Google Analytics code for Site Tracking - If you are already using Google Analytics with asynchronous tracking, Google can verify your site ownership via the tracking snippet provided in Sites and Settings.

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