1. On the Raiser’s Edge bar, click Admin. The Administration page appears.
2. Click Security. The Security page appears.
3. Under groups in the Security tree view list on the left, select the security group to assign access to the NetCommunity functions.
4. On the action bar, click Open. The selected group screen appears.
5. In the Group Privileges box, mark NetCommunity. When you mark this checkbox, the Options button is enabled.
6. Click Options. The Security Options screen appears.
7. For each area of integration you want the members of the security group to have access, mark the corresponding checkbox.
• To allow members of the security group to use the NetCommunity button on the Raiser’s Edge bar to access the NetCommunity page, mark NetCommunity Interface
• To allow members of the security group to access information about Blackbaud NetCommunity website users on the constituent records in The Raiser’s Edge, mark NetCommunity tab on Constituent record.
8. Click OK. You return to the selected group screen.