On each course record's Grading tab, the Course can be taken for credit multiple times checkbox determines whether or not students receive multiple credits if they take the course more than once.

In Configuration, Business Rules, Grading, there are two settings related to courses taken more than once, which affects credits and GPAs.

The option, When awarding credit for courses taken multiple times, use determines how to award credit to a student enrolled in multiple classes of the same course when the course can earn credit only once. For example, if the most recently taken class is selected, and a student has taken ALGB 101 more than once, the most recent version of the course will determine whether the student receives credit for the course or not.

The option, When calculating GPAs including courses taken multiple times, use, allows you to specify what should happen if a student has taken a course multiple times when calculating a GPA. You can either include all instances of the course, the instance with the highest grade, or the most recent instance.

For example, if you want all classes included in GPAs even if students have retaken courses, select to include all the classes. If you only the class with the highest grade to be included in the GPA, select to include the class with the highest grade. So if you calculate a GPA for QT 3 with all classes selected, for the following example:

QT 1 QT 2 QT 3 QT 4
ALGB 101 (taken in 2006-2007) 65 NG 87 92
ALGB 101 (taken in 2007-2008) 60 87 95 99

then, the 87 and the 95 would be included. If the class with the highest grade is selected, only the 95 would be included. If the most recent class was selected, only grades from the 2007-2008 class would be used.