This error typically indicates the SSL certificate is expired or is not configured properly for the domain of the Raiser's Edge Web Certificate. NetCommunity prompting this error is only a symptom of the SSL certificate being configured incorrectly. After the SSL certificate is configured properly, services to NetCommunity will be restored.

If Blackbaud Hosts The Raiser's Edge
  • Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please be prepared to share the following information with Support:
    • Steps to duplicate the error
    • Username and Password to access the NetCommunity website, Citrix and The Raiser's Edge
If your organization hosts The Raiser's Edge
  • Contact your IT department and request the SSL certificate on The Raiser's Edge Web Server be reviewed. Confirm the SSL certificate is not expired and is configured properly to Port 443. 
  • Note: Blackbaud does not Support the configuration of the SSL certificate, as this is within your organizations network and environment. If your IT department needs assistance with this configuration, please contact the original SSL provider or Microsoft support documents. 
  • Until your IT department resolves the SSL configuration, you may configure the following in the Plugin to access it:
    1. Ask your IT department the URL of the Raiser's Edge Web Server
    2. Open the NetCommunity Plugin in The Raiser's Edge
    3. Click past the error and click the Options link
    4. Update the Plugin URL to: http://IPAddressOfServerGoesHere/pluginservice/masterservice.asmx