1. From your Home Page, click Address Book on the action bar.
  2. Click Imported Contacts.
  3. Select Outlook/Outlook Express, Eudora, or Comma Separated Values depending on the file type you are using to import.
  4. In the File field, click Browse. The Choose File screen appears.
  5. Select your import file and click Open.
  6. To begin importing your contact email addresses, click Import. If you need to stop the import, click Cancel. You return to your Home page.
If you select Comma Separated Values, the following fields are expected. These field names are also the column names used in the Address Book.

First Name (required)
Last Name
Organization Name (required)
Email Address (required)
Home Phone
Business Phone

If you select Outlook/Outlook Express or Eudora, the naming conventions from those programs are used in the Address Book.