Options are missing in the NetCommunity plugin in The Education Edge

The Manage online forms and view started and completed forms options may be missing from the Blackbaud NetCommunity plug-in in The Education Edge. Users may have different options available in the Education Edge NetCommunity plugin. The option to Add users to NetCommunity may be missing as well as the form/dashboard options.
Education Edge must be on at least version 7.82, patch 34.

If the Add Users to NetCommunity option is missing:
  1. Grant the user Supervisor rights in The Education Edge.
    Note: Education Edge usernames with supervisor rights are the only users that have this option.

If the following links are missing, the user logged into Education Edge is not linked to a BBNC user account that has access to forms or is not the default supervisor in EE.

  • Manage online forms
  • View started and completed forms
  • Print or export forms with data
  • Search for a user's form
  • Review payments made through online forms
  • View dashboard totals

The default supervisor in EE is the only user that will see the all of the links, including the Add User tool and the additional links.
Note: Fully Hosted clients will not have these links due to added security in the Citrix environment

If the user account in EE needs to be linked to a BBNC user account, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Education Edge
  2. Click Administration Set Up System Security
  3. Open the desired record
  4. On the Online Security tab, the account must be linked to a Faculty record.
    Note: If the option to link to a faculty record is not available, the user is marked as a Supervisor or FAWeb Supervisor.
    If the user needs supervisor rights they will need multiple security accounts in Education Edge. One to use for the Faculty linking and one to use for supervisor rights. 
    As supervisor rights are required for the Add Users tool above, users will need more than one account to access both Add Users and the form link options.
  5. Use the Add Users to NetCommunity option to add the desired user to NetCommunity.
  6. Once the account is created in NetCommunity, grant rights to access forms in NetCommunity.
    Note: Because FAWeb and NetCommunity user names are integrated, this will also link to NetCommunity and reveal those options provided you have the correct rights in NetCommunity.

If the NetCommunity plugin is missing completely:



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