If attendance entries are not entered for students who are present:
  1. In Reports, Attendance Reports, open a new Student Attendance Report
  2. Select Show attendance by Day
  3. Select the appropriate parameter settings
  4. On the filters tab, select the appropriate attendance codes and any additional filters
  5. Run the report
  6. To calculate the number of day attended, subtract the number of absences in the report from the total number of days school was in session

If entering an attendance code when students are present: (Classes missed column lists all classes for which there is an attendance entry on that day, even if the entry is Present).

1. Select Configuration, Attendance codes and add a new Attendance code for "Present" or "Attended"
2. Select the Attendance module, and enter day Attendance
3. Each day that Attendance is tracked, students who were not absent should receive an Attendance code of "Attended " or "Present"
4. When reporting on the number of days attended, run any of the Attendance reports filtering on this attendance code, selecting to show total units.
5. To get the number of total days absent out of the entire Academic Year, subtract the number of total days attended from the total number of days in the term(s).