Error: Undefined error when clicking the Save icon on a constituent record

Error: Undefined error
Uninstall/reinstall the workstation.

Stop and Start SQL database engine using BMC.

Make sure that CLR integration is enabled. Be sure to re-start the SQL instance after enabling CLR integration.

You can also enable CLR integration by following these steps:

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio on the database server.
2. Right-click on the instance, not the database, and select facets.
3. When the Facets window opens, select Surface Area Configuration in the dropdown on the top of the page.
4. In the properties area, find the ClrIntegrationEnabled field, and change it to True by selecting True in the dropdown.
5. Click OK in the Facets window to save changes.
6. Restart the SQL instance.



 7.92.5508, patch 2 ; 7.84.1720

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