Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:


For Windows Operating Systems:

    • From within The Raiser's Edge, select File, Print Setup and select the correct default printer. If this does not resolve the error or The Raiser's Edge does not retain the printer selection in Print Setup:
      1. Exit and sign out of The Raiser's Edge on the workstation in question.
    • Change the default printer on the workstation to something else and then reselect the correct printer as the default.
    • Log into The Raiser's Edge and go to File, Print Setup and select the correct default printer.
    • Attempt to print/preview.

    For Macintosh Operating Systems:

      • Click File, Print Setup from within The Raiser's Edge 7.
      • Click the dropdown menu next to Name and select "HP Universal Printing PS."
      • Click OK.
      • Click Preview on the Envelopes parameter.
      • Click on the Export button on the toolbar.
      • Select Word(Exact) as the Format and the Disk File as the destination.

      NOTE: This will export a Word document to the files folder.

      • Copy the file from the files folder to your local machine and open the file. Then print the envelopes.