Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. On the Payment Record, verify the Receipt status is not marked as Do Not Print.
  2. In Mail, click Forms, highlight CR Receipts, AR Receipts or SB Receipts and open an existing parameter
    or from the Payment record select File, print and select the parameter.
  3. On the Filter tab, clear all filters or change the filters to include the appropriate records.
  4. On the Format tab, highlight Detail unmark the Show Charges this payment was applied to or
    Mark the Show checkbox and select Records this payment was distributed to.
  5. Click Preview.
  6. If reprinting receipts, change the print status of the payment and reprint receipts:
    1. In Records, click Payments and open the payment record.
    2. Select the Payment tab and change the Receipt status to Not yet printed.
    3. Save and close the payment.
Note: Payments from Tuition Management Services will default to Do Not Print.  If printing receipts for these payments you will need to change the receipts status on these payments from Do Not Print to Not Yet Printed.  Currently there is not a way to change this default for TMS payments.