Possible causes:

  • The user is not logged in using the Supervisor account
  • The module is already unlocked
  • The incorrect database serial number is associated with the unlock code
  • The unlock code was created for the incorrect version

If the serial number is missing or incorrect, follow Serial number is missing or incorrect in Clarify and the website.

  1. Log in as Supervisor
  2. Confirm the module is not already unlocked. For example, check for functionality the module adds such as specific reports, a tab on a record, etc.
  3. Confirm the serial number of the product for which you are using the unlock code. The serial number is case sensitive. Verify the original serial number provided was in the correct case.
  4. Generate a new unlock code online using the Unlock Code Generator.

If you still encounter problems using the unlock code chat with support.  You will need to provide the database serial number and version number, for assistance. The database serial number is case sensitive; be sure to type it exactly how it appears in the Help, About menu.