Turn on the Maiden Name alias business rule. This will automatically add Maiden Name as an Alias when a value is entered in the Maiden Name field on the Bio1 tab or on an Individual relationship.

    To turn on the rule in The Raiser's Edge:
    1. Click Config in left menu.
    2. Click on Business Rules.
    3. Highlight Constituent options.
    4. On the right, mark the Maiden Name checkbox in the Automatically add to list of aliases section. Then select Maiden Name from the drop-down list.

    After setting the rule to search on Maiden Name, the name can be searched in the following ways:
    • In the Constituent Search Window, enter the maiden name (alias) in the Last/Org Name field, mark the Check aliases checkbox at the bottom, and click Find Now. (To make sure the Check Alias box is always checked in the Constituent Search Window, double-click on a result to open the constituent record. Opening the record will save the settings.)
    • In Quick Find, aliases are checked automatically. From Quick Find on the Home page or Records > Constituents, enter the maiden name (alias) to search and click the binoculars to run the search.