With the optional module Queue you can schedule a sequence of tasks to run automatically and unattended. Because you can set up a queue to run overnight you can free critical resources, workstations, and printers for other tasks during normal working hours.


  • You can create a queue to run one time or multiple times, on demand or according to a schedule.
  • You create a queue by adding items one at a time that run sequentially in the order you select.
  • You can view a list of queues scheduled to run and those that have completed running.
  • Deleting a queue permanently removes it from the database. Be sure you have a backup of your database before you delete a queue.
  • Each queue includes the Queue, Processing, and Miscellaneous tabs.
  • You can create new queues from existing queues.

You can perform the following tasks in Queue:

    • Post multiple batches
    • Run multiple queries
    • Import
    • Export, print, or email Reports, Queries, and Mailings


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