Note: On November 21, 2005, PayPal completed its purchase of VeriSign's payment gateway business. PayPal has upgraded all Payflow Gateway accounts to use the newest version of PayPal Manager. If you have questions about your PayPal account, contact PayPal.


An Internet Merchant Account is an account with a financial institution that enables you to accept credit card payments over the Internet. You can accept Visa and MasterCard with an Internet Merchant Account.

If you use PayPal, you must have an Internet Merchant Account to accept online credit card donations. If you already have a Merchant Account, let your bank know that the account needs to be Internet-enabled, so you can accept 'card-not-present' transactions from PayPal. You can also open an additional Internet Merchant Account to keep your online donations separate from other credit card transactions, or to accept cards of different currencies. If your Internet Merchant Account uses a Vital processor, make sure your bank knows PayPal is the gateway.

Note: If you already have an Internet Merchant Account for use with a different website, you need to create a new one for use with NetSolutions.

If you do not have an Internet Merchant Account, open one with the bank of your choice.

If you already have a PayPal account, contact PayPal if there are any IMA changes or additions.

Regardless of which bank you use, ensure that your Internet Merchant Account uses one of the supported credit card processors.