NOTE:  If Blackbaud hosts your database, you will not be able to add shortcuts of websites or Excel files to your home page in your application. 

  1. Create a folder on your desktop. To do this, right-click the desktop, and select New, Folder
  2. Add shortcuts to Crystal reports, mail merge documents, and even websites to this folder.
    Note: To create a shortcut to your favorite Web page, right-click the desktop, and select New, Shortcut. Copy and paste the entire URL in the Command line (e.g., Click Next, enter the shortcut name, and click Finish.
  3. Open The Raiser's Edge and click Home on the navigation bar
  4. If Favorites is not an option, click Customize Home Page and mark the Favorites checkbox in the left frame
  5. Drag the entire folder from your desktop to the Home Page and the New Favorite screen appears.
  6. Enter a description for this folder, such as Crystal Reports and Letters, and click OK. If you mark the Use The Raiser's Edge to open this item checkbox, the Web link opens within the program. To open the Web link in a new browser window, leave this option unmarked.
To quickly open one of these files, click the Crystal Reports and Letters link from the Home Page, and then click the shortcut to the file.

Note: If you place a file shortcut directly on the Home Page, the file opens within The Raiser's Edge shell. By placing shortcuts in a folder and placing the folder on the Home Page, the file opens in a new window outside The Raiser's Edge shell.

For example, if you use Google regularly to research grants, you may have saved a shortcut to it on your desktop. To access the shortcut from within The Raiser's Edge, drag it to your Home page. The New Favorite screen appears.
New Favorite
  1. The name defaults to the name of the Web page or the document title. Enter a description to help identify the favorite.
  2. Mark the checkbox to open the link or document within The Raiser's Edge shell. If you don't mark the checkbox, the favorite opens in a new window.
  3. Organize your favorites by placing them in separate folders. In our example, we're adding the Google link to the Internet Resources folder. Click New folder as needed.

To learn more about customizing your Home page, review the User Options section of the Program Basics Guide.