Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Verify the donors meet all criteria as defined on the report's Filters tab. For example, if selecting 'This Fiscal Year' for the date range and the constituents only gift is not in this fiscal year's date range, the constituent is not included. Instead, run the report using the specific date range.  
  2. Include non-givers on the report.  
  3. Make sure the solicitor is marked on each gift.  
  4. Make sure the date from and date to information for Assigned Solicitor lies within the range of dates selected in the report parameters.  
  5. If basing the report on a query, make sure the constituents are in your query.  
  6. Verify the amount credited to the solicitor is not blank by clicking Solicitor on the gift and looking at the amount listed next to the solicitor name. There must be a value here for the gift to be included on the report.  
  7. The date in the Date From field for the constituency code is after the gift date. (i.e. Constituency code is valid on 07/26/09 but the gift is dated 07/25/09)