The Smart option omits user-defined fields if the field after the user-defined field is empty. For example, if the addressee is “Mr. and Mrs. William Smith” and the Smart checkbox by the Field Name Spouse Title 1 is marked, “and” is eliminated if no entry appears in the Spouse field of a record to avoid an addressee of “Mr. and William Smith”. The Smart option will not omit spouse information from the Addressee or Salutation if the spouse is marked as deceased.

To use the Smart option:
1. Open Configuration, open Addressee/Salutations
2. Highlight the addressee/Salutations to be edited
3. Mark the Smart checkbox next to any field that should not appear in the Addressee/Salutation if the value does not exist on the record

Note: the Smart option is only available following user-defined fields such as and, &, Guest, Class of, etc. For more information on formatting Addressee/Salutations, refer to How to add or configure an addressee/salutation