Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    • Ensure the correct gift date was entered for each gift on the batch entry screen. The batch allows you to set up a gift date default which displays in the default row. This date automatically populates for each gift.
      • If the default gift date is not correct for a specific gift, manually change the gift date for that gift.
      • If the default gift date is incorrect for the batch, in the default row, either change it to the correct date or delete it.
      • If the gift date field does not display in the batch data entry screen, unhide it and verify that the correct date is being used.
      • For recurring batches, on the Commit Batch screen, select the Recurring Batch tab. In the gift date field, select the appropriate option:
        • To use the gift date entered on the data entry screen of the batch, select Date specified in Batch.
        • To use a different date, select <Specific date>. A new date field appears. Enter the appropriate date in this field. When committing the batch, The Raiser's Edge enters this as the gift date for each gift in the batch.
        • If the gifts need a different date than listed in the gift batch but not all gifts have the same date, manually edit the gift date on the batch entry screen.

        To correct the gift date for gifts that have already been committed:

        Manually change the gift date on each record.


        Globally change the gift date.


        Recommit the batch with the correct dates and delete the incorrect gifts.