In order to resolve this error, try each of the following until the error is resolved:
  1. Ensure that the export out of Raiser's Edge or Financial Edge was done in either a Blackbaud Report Writer Database format or an MS Access Report Writer Database format. Do not name the export with a .rpt at the end of it.
  2. When opening the Crystal Report, be sure to open a file with a .rpt file extension, not a .mdb file extension.
  3. Replace the problem report (.RPT file) with a backup copy of the .RPT file. For custom reports run from the Plug-Ins module or the Reports, Custom Reports module, refer to Knowledgebase solution BB284805.
  4. Install the Crystal Reports runtime components
Note: All Crystal reports end with a .RPT file extension and this is the only file type which can be opened in Crystal Reports. The data that the reports are run off of will have a .MDB file extension and cannot be opened in Crystal Reports.