1. Ensure the correct constituent is included in the query on which the export is based.
  2. Ensure the correct Head of Household setting is set on the General tab of the export.
  3. In the export, select the Fields to Include tab. Highlight Gifts in the right frame (within the Summary Information output category) and select Criteria. This will allow you to edit the gift parameters used when exporting. For example:
    • Ensure that the criteria such as gift date is correct.
    • Soft credit the gift to Donor or Both to have the amount calculate correctly for hard credits.
    • Review the Matching Gift setting if Matching Gift types are present on gift types tab: Donor will include matching gifts on employee's giving. Matching Gift Company will include matching gifts to the employer (this is the customary hard credit setting since the company pays the matching gift pledge). Both will include the gift on both the employee and matching gift company.
    • Include only the gift types that should make up the cumulative total (e.g. pledges or write-offs will affect total). To export total gift amounts, including pledge payments, deselect pledges, MG pledges and pledge write-offs by highlighting each option under Gift Types to Include and clicking the single left-facing arrow.
    • Use the correct start and end amounts from the gift parameters. Most likely leaving them blank.
    • If only wanting certain campaigns, funds, or appeals, use Selected Campaigns, Funds, or Appeals on the Filters tab of the Gift Criteria screen and select the appropriate ones. (Mark Show Inactive if needed in case the desired values are not appearing in the selection list on left.)
    • If the problem still exists, select Tools, Query Options from the menu bar and select Record Processing. Check to see how soft credits and matching gifts are being applied to donors. This affects query results.
  4. If the report is still incorrect, recreate the export.