The Post-Conversion Assistant plug-in allows field-level mapping of existing fields to new fields.

Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.

While running the assistant is not mandatory, The Raiser's Edge provides fields for information that may have been stored as attributes, constituency codes, or other fields in previous versions of The Raiser's Edge. It consists of an 11-step wizard and performs the following functions:


    Click Next for any step for which no change is necessary. We recommend you complete each step before clicking Change Now.


    You can run the Post-Conversion Assistant at any time and as many times as needed, so you can take time to discover new fields in The Raiser's Edge 7 and determine the best place to globally move your converted data. However, we recommend doing it soon after converting. Once changes are complete, print Control Reports and create queries containing the changed records for historical purposes and future use.


    Refer to the Conversion Guide (PDF) for more information about the Post-Conversion Assistant. The Conversion Guide also includes data preparation, post-conversion checklists, and a field mapping guide and is an invaluable conversion resource.

    • If you used attributes or constituent codes in version 6 to track deceased or inactive constituents, or constituents without valid addresses, move that information to the new fields on each constituent's Bio 1 tab.


    • If you used attributes or constituent codes to track solicitation requests (for example, "Do not call after 7 p.m."), use the Solicit codes field on each constituent's Bio 1 tab instead. You can use solicit codes to include or exclude constituents from your mailings.


    • Update the status of converted actions and record the date of their completion.


    • If you used attributes or constituent codes to track the primary constituent for couples, indicate who should be the head of household.


    • Indicate the primary addressee and primary salutation formats to use for individual relationships.


    • If you used attributes to store education majors and minors, move them to version 7's designated fields.


    • If your organization uses the RE:Volunteer optional module, and used attributes or constituent codes to store volunteer types, indicate the volunteer types to use in version 7.


    • If you used gift attributes to store the cardholder name for credit card donations, map this information to the corresponding field.


    • If you post to the General Ledger and would like to adjust and/or reverse converted gifts marked as posted, mark the Regenerate distributions checkbox.

      Note: If you use our General Ledger, before taking this step, you must configure a link between it and The Raiser's Edge 7 in Configuration, General Ledger.


    • Mark the checkboxes to delete the attributes and/or constituent codes you previously used to track the information you are now moving. Here, too, you can create a control report and output queries for the updated records.


    • Verify the summary of changes and click a step to return to its screen in the wizard. Click Print Change Options to document the updates before clicking Change Now to begin the process.