1. Create a constituent query
2. On the Criteria tab, filter on Gifts, Gift date between [date 1] and [date 2]
3. Create several other separate queries, for any other date ranges that we are wanting to compare
4. Merge each query using the AND operator
5. Once the final merged query has been created, create a new constituent query
6. Set the criteria as:
Gifts, Gift date not between [the date range prior to the first year you want to query on]
7. Merge the original merged query, with this other query. The original query is the primary, the new query is the secondary, and we use the SUB operator.

Query 1: 2004
Query 2: 2005
Query 3: 2006
Query 4: 2007

Merge Query 2 and 3 using the AND operator, to create Query A
Merge Query A and 4 using the AND operator, to create Query B

For the final merge:
Primary Query: Query B
Secondary Query: Query 1
Operator: SUB