All icons are missing from the Navigation bar

None of the icons will display on the Navigation bar if the Internet Explorer Security, "Internet" zone is set to High and the ActiveX controls and plug-ins Binary and script behaviors is set to Disable. 

Complete the following steps in the order listed below until the issue is resolved:
  1. Open Internet Explorer and complete the following:
    1. Select Tools, Internet Options
    2. Select the Security Tab
    3. Select "Internet" zone
    4. Select Default Level button (Medium-High at the highest setting) or under ActiveX controls and plug-ins, change Disable to Enable.
  2. If you are having this issue on your server, disable IE Enhanced Security Configuration. 
                    For Windows Server 2008:
  1. On the Windows Server 2008 server desktop, locate and start the Server Manager
  2. Locate the section heading called "Security Information", Configure IE ESC is located on the right hand side of this section
  3. Select the Configure IE ESC link and the configuration window will open
  4. A new window will prompt you to choose whether to turn off IE ESC for Administrators or for Users or for both
  5. Disable the setting for the Administrator and/or Users as needed
                    For Windows Server 2012:
  1. On the Windows Server 2012 server desktop, locate and start the Server Manager.
  2. Select Local Server (The server you are currently on and the one that needs IE ESC turned off)
  3. On the right side of the Server Manager, you will by default find the IE Enhanced Security Configuration Setting. (The default is On)
  4. Disable the setting for the Administrator and Users as needed
  1. If the above steps do not resolve your issue and it only occurs for one specific Windows account on a computer, then complete the following:
    1. Log in as a Local Administrator .
    2. Recreate the Windows user profile.


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