If you are searching for something of a part that isn't in this list, you can ensure that it is found by including some of the key words in a "Formatted Text and Images" part to act as a title and include the search term as part of the Page Name. This will ensure that the page gets a higher ranking than other pages.

The parts available for a search are indexed by part. For example, a Formatted Text and Images part contains "boy". On the same page, a Discussion Group part contains "scout". If a user enters "boy scout" in the search field, results do not appear because the same part does not contain both the words.

The Search functionality uses "stem" search. When a user enter a word in the search field, the search results include the word plus its plurals and verb tenses. For example, if a user searches for "run", the search results return parts that contain the words "run", "ran", and "running".

For more information on the search part please see the resources below: 
What is indexed when searching through the search part?