1. In Records, click Refunds.
  2. Click Add a New Refund.
  3. Select the student receiving the Refund.
  4. Enter the transaction and post dates.
  5. Select a Refund Billing Fee and enter an amount.
  6. Click Create Refund Check
NOTE: If this option is grayed out follow these steps.
  1. In the Create Refund Check screen, select the desired bank account, select print check to: Other and click OK.
  2. It will pull up the one time check. Edit any information necessary and then select Print Later and Close. This will allow the check to be printed in the next Accounts Payable check run. NOTE: Only select Record and Close if the check is being written by hand.
  3. On the GL Distribution tab enter the General Ledger distribution.
  4. On the Payments/Credits tab select who receives the refund.
  5. Save and Close the Refund.